3 Signs You Need To See A Professional Dermatologist

The skin is an organ that serves a lot of purposes. Its unique features help keep harmful elements, such as UV radiation and physical injuries, at bay. The skin is also a sensory organ, helping detect stimuli, such as temperature and touch. More interestingly, the skin plays a vital thermoregulatory role, which is why you sweat during hot weather. With that said, it is important to invest in dermatology services when you suspect that there's something wrong with your skin. [Read More]

What Acne Treatments Can A Dermatologist Prescribe?

Acne troubles many people throughout their teen years. As people go through puberty, their hormone levels fluctuate, which can lead to blemishes and breakouts. When left unchecked, acne can lead to permanent scarring. It can also damage a person's self-esteem and negatively impact their mental health. Fortunately, a dermatologist can treat your acne. Here are four effective acne treatments that a dermatologist can prescribe: 1. Adapalene Retinoids are derived from vitamin A. [Read More]

3 Skin Cancer Myths

Skin cancer is a serious condition that affects many people today. Unfortunately, skin cancer can be deadly if not diagnosed and treated properly. While it may be surprising to learn, more people will be diagnosed with skin cancer than all other forms of cancer combined. Therefore, proper understanding is essential. This guide will help you understand the truth behind a few common skin cancer myths. Myth: There Is No Risk Unless You Stay Outside in the Sun [Read More]

Five Things You Need to be Aware of if You're Considering Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women who are considering vaginal rejuvenation need to carefully research the procedure and make sure it's right for them before they make a decision. Talk to your doctor, like those at Refined Dermatology, and consider the following five important things about vaginal rejuvenation that women need to know before they undergo the procedure. Restoring Youthfulness Women opt for the vaginal rejuvenation procedure because they feel that their vagina is showing signs of age and is not as taut and springy as it once was. [Read More]